Writers and Illustrators and Dinosaurs

A few months back, I thought it would be kind of fun to get some of the folks in the youth literature community (authors, illustrators, editors, agents, librarians, teachers, etc.) to pose with the dinosaur (or prehistoric creature) of their choice.  Here are some of the results.

Links are to blog posts with the pictures.

Anderson, Jessica Lee

Appelt, Kathi

Arnold, Caroline

Aston, Diana Hutts

Capetta, Amy Rose

Crow, Tim

Davis, Meredith

De la Casas, Dianne

Dulemba, Elizabeth

Eboch, Chris

Florence, Debbi Michiko

Halls, Kelly Milner

Hepler, Heather

Hoover, P.J. (1) (2)

Howe, James

Jackson, Shelley Ann

Johnson, Sarah Blake

Judge, Lita

Lane, Lindsey

Law, Elizabeth

Loftin, Nikki

Markel, Michelle

Myers, E.C.

Napoli, Donna Jo

Oliver, Carmen

Ostow, David

Rabakukk, Gayleen

Tate, Don

Walton, K.M.

Wheeler, Lisa

Whittemore, Jo

Wynne-Jones, Tim

Yansky, Brian

Yolen, Jane

Ziegler, Jennifer

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