Dinosaurs in (Youth) Literature

In picture books, colorful and anthropomorphic dinosaurs abound.  Dinosaurs also appear frequently in nonfiction, both in picture books and encyclopedia-type books for older readers.

Dinosaurs in fiction for older readers are somewhat rarer.

Here are a few dinosaur-themed books I’ve blogged about (or plan to blog about) over the past couple years:


THE ENORMOUS EGG, by Oliver Butterworth.  What would happen if that hen of yours laid a Triceratops egg?
TUNNEL THROUGH TIME, by Lester Del Rey.  Back to the Cretaceous and then forward in increments.
THE DINOSAUR THAT FOLLOWED ME HOME, by Bruce Coville.  A very strange summer camp…
MEGAMORPHS: IN THE TIME OF THE DINOSAURS, by K.A. Applegate.  If you were sent back to the Cretaceous, it would help if you could turn into a Tyrannosaurus rex.


DINOSAUR SUMMER, by Greg Bear.  A sequel to Conan Doyle’s LOST WORLD.
THE DECHRONIZATION OF SAM MAGRUDER, by George Gaylord Simpson.  Lost in the past with no hope of rescue whatsoever…
RAPTOR RED, by Robert Bakker.  The life and times of a female Utahraptor.


THE LOST WORLD, by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures still exist on a plateau in Venezuela.
THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Survivors of a U-boat sinking stumble on a lost world.
JURASSIC PARK, by Michael Crichton.  Genetically-engineered dinosaurs run amok.

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