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Please send all speaking invitations to:

P.O. Box 3255
Austin TX 78764

or via E-Mail

To save time, for school visits, my wife, children's author Cynthia Leitich Smith and I charge $3000 per day for up to three sessions. We also do cyber visits. We travel fairly regularly to the following destinations: Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma (the whole state), Kansas City/Lawrence, Des Moines, Chicago, and the San Francisco bay area. Folks in these areas are invited to inquire about coordinating events with pre-scheduled trips.

The following is from the Little Brown Author Appearance Brochure:

1) What age group is your presentation geared to?
Age group: 4th grade through teacher/librarian.

2) What is your fee/honorarium?
Please write for curent rates.

3) How many presentations do you feel you can perform per day?
Up to three, plus one teacher session.

4) What is the maximum audience size you prefer?
Up to 60 students per session

5) Are you willing to travel? If so, how many days are you willing to devote?
Willing to travel for up to a week but not often. Prefer weekend or beginnings, Friday/Monday events.

6) What, if any, special equipment do you require?
Overhead projector, prefer laptop computer projector


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